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Are You AGED or Will You Be Inspired to Re-create Yourself ?

Even when some people reach the young age of  30 they start saying things like “I’m old, I can’t do the things I use to, I have all these aches and pains or feel aged”. Sometimes what they think actually comes true. Some people actually tell themselves they are old long enough that they believe at age 50 their life is about over and for some it is.

Ida Keeling though  made a decision at 67 to take up running. Now at 95 she has done what no other 95 year old has done. According to ABC News she has set the world record running 60 meters in 29.86 seconds. Although she ran against others younger and faster  than she is she still did what no other person has done. Ida Keeling, 95-Year-Old Woman Sets Sprinting Record America\’s Oldest Sprinter- Ida Keeling 95 years old

To me, even though I am not a runner, it is inspiring to know others are still active, in their own way , at what is now an advanced age. It encourages me to pay attention to my body,the food I eat, get enough rest,  exercise appropriately, finding things that are interesting and inspire me, etc. Then no matter what my age I know  I can develop an individualized plan,  for my health and any other area of my life that I choose, that will not only inspire me but it will also be flexible enough to re-create myself in a way that fits me and my lifestyle no matter my age or condition.


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