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Jo CaywoodJo Caywood is an author and life coach. Her mission is to support baby boomers in exploring new ways to enhance their lives in the modern age. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for baby boomers to face new issues as well as changes in their life and bodies at the same time.

People enter new developmental stages starting in midlife. These developmental stages expand throughout their life span. In order to make the new phases work for you, you must develop new strategies and tactics to not only get through new challenges but to thrive while doing so.

Jo learned at an early age to face challenges and thrive in the process. Throughout the challenges of her life people told her she could not do what others were doing. When she had polio she learned original methods that helped her walk again and from the various times her family moved she learned to make new friends and learned different things that added interest to her life. As a social worker she learned not only how to re-create herself and find fresh eyes and ideas in approaching new situations but she was also able to start developing a process to help others. She was able to help others find their own original perspectives, develop their newfound strengths and helped them re-create their lives so they could flourish.

Jo now brings to you the processes she learned to help herself and others thrive throughout life. Jo helps you learn which beliefs, thoughts and ideas are working for you and which ones are no longer working. She then helps you learn to re-create yourself using new patterns and ideas and thrive in the process.

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