Re-creating yourself 2016

Take a look at yourself. How many way have you re-created yourself today?

Some would say you haven’t re-created yourself and some would make a full page list of different ways. Each day we all re-create ourselves to fit into our environments, physical, social, financial, etc. Sometimes it is based on keeping the appearance of staying the same. At other times we re-create ourselves in different ways such as with our appearance, our physical environment, health, our financial situation,etc.

Currently I am in the process of re-creating several things in my life. For me it is not always easy to focus on just one thing when it seems like so many things need re-creating. Many times I can see the larger picture but when trying to break it down to smaller actions they all seem just as important and finding a starting place is a challenging. Although research helps, it also helps to pick an action as a starting place then evaluate to see if changes are necessary.                                                                             Researching helps


Are You AGED or Will You Be Inspired to Re-create Yourself ?

Even when some people reach the young age of  30 they start saying things like “I’m old, I can’t do the things I use to, I have all these aches and pains or feel aged”. Sometimes what they think actually comes true. Some people actually tell themselves they are old long enough that they believe at age 50 their life is about over and for some it is.

Ida Keeling though  made a decision at 67 to take up running. Now at 95 she has done what no other 95 year old has done. According to ABC News she has set the world record running 60 meters in 29.86 seconds. Although she ran against others younger and faster  than she is she still did what no other person has done. Ida Keeling, 95-Year-Old Woman Sets Sprinting Record America\’s Oldest Sprinter- Ida Keeling 95 years old

To me, even though I am not a runner, it is inspiring to know others are still active, in their own way , at what is now an advanced age. It encourages me to pay attention to my body,the food I eat, get enough rest,  exercise appropriately, finding things that are interesting and inspire me, etc. Then no matter what my age I know  I can develop an individualized plan,  for my health and any other area of my life that I choose, that will not only inspire me but it will also be flexible enough to re-create myself in a way that fits me and my lifestyle no matter my age or condition.


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Is this like your relationships?

   While this is really funny, does it remind you of any of your relationships? I’ve heard many times about peope wanting their friends or relatives (especially if they are retired) to  help with kids and grandkids, running errands or helping in many and various other ways. Usually the person over 50 is usually glad to help.

Each time this happens it seems they are asked more, not necessarilly because they have the time but because they volunteered to help. In many cases this is a useful relationship tool to let the people involved know they can count on each other. Sometimes people take advantage of the situation. They assume that those over 50 or even those who work from home will be available when they need something or want to do something.

Although this example is an extreme example, it shows what could happen if the person who is retired, working from home, etc. develops other interests or even just sets boundaries in their life.

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PS. If you are involved with dog agility, remember to pay a little attention to your current friends and family.

Yes Virginia there is leadership over the age of 50

Virginia, we have come to that time of year again when I first learned about you and your letter asking if there was a Santa. In the years that have passed more of us than ever are now over the age of 50. In your first letter you asked if there was a Santa Claus, now you and others are asking if people can be leaders after reaching the age of 50.

Do you know many people think that after 50 a persons’ mind starts declining? They are so busy in the business of their own world and don’t realize that when people reach the age of 50 they have re-created their personal lives as well as their professional lives many times. Through the process of re-creating ourselves we find many areas of our lives enhanced in ways we never expected and have developed new leadership skills in the process.

When we look Santa Claus, who is over 50, at as an example of leadership it helps to look at all the things he does:

  • he remembers almost everything about people and especially if they are naughty or nice
  •  he works well with others
  • millions of people to follow his travels
  • people everywhere respect his leadership especially when it comes to bringing joy to others and meeting a deadline

What a dreary world this would be if it were not for the older people in our lives.

Alas when people become older they sometimes have to reach back in their memories to find the magic, enthusiasm and courage to shout to the world that they are still here and have much to offer. Joining new groups may make the transitions easier and even more fun. In today’s world even I have joined new groups and have learned to use the internet, social media and various other newly created avenues to find things such as information about shopping, travel, entertainment, health, relationships, etc. From time to time I have even been surprised that others have thanked me for sharing my wisdom with them. Instead of telling them what to do I usually feel it is best to find a way to encourage others to ask questions about themselves to determine what they want to achieve and then ask if they have a plan to make that happen.

Virginia, most people over 50 use personal leadership skills as well as the leadership skills they acquired in business or even in spiritual endeavors. Women and men both use leadership skills in their hobbies, starting new businesses or jobs, developing plans to maintain and enhance their health as well as relationships, etc.

When we are older we know that leadership shows up in many different ways. The examples can vary person to person. We may offer to take our pets and share them and ourselves with others who may be lonely or just enjoy animals. Many of us also offer to share the joy of pets with students and/or others who may have a lot of stress in their lives, some of us also share our personal skills with those who are struggling in life or in jobs.

Sometimes, Virginia, we are very creative and add our own spin on how to get things done. I would encourage you to read Dr. Gene Cohen’s books The Creative Age and The Mature Mind. He gives many examples of how older people accomplish tasks that others may view as impossible. One example explains how one snowy day his wife’s parents were trapped in a snow storm and could not find transportation to Dr. Cohen’s house. They developed a true example of creative leadership and found the resource they needed in the form of an open pizza parlor. They ordered a pizza, asked the delivery person to deliver them along with the pizza and arrived at their destination.

As with most things, life is re-created to fill a need or desire. What would this world be like without older leaders such as Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Santa Claus, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Andrew Weil, Oprah Winfrey, Hogwarts’ Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, President George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, etc?

To have no leaders over the age of 50 would certainly be boring. The real trick is to have leaders more like Santa. Santa has many and various types of employees that work and live well together. He has a personal following throughout the world who come together in various types of celebrations. Santa is also willing to share ideas and solutions in order to creatively meet his goal of bringing joy into the lives of others.

I hope in the future we will all learn from Santa and lead by example, work well together and bring joy to not only our corner of the world but to the entire world.

Jo is a re-creation specialist. She has experienced many opportunities to re-create her own life. She now shares tips with others and helps them answer the questions to help them Thrive in the next life stage.  She can be found at

Retirement Age What if’s

What if you reached retirement age and didn’t have any plans at all? What would you do? Many Baby Boomers and people over 50 are finding themselves in that situation, no plans. It is like going on vacation without an itinerary and no map. Sometimes you may end up in a desirable place but many times you get lost and find yourself in some type of crisis.

  • What if you if you reach retirement age and your family made their own plans that did not include you, especially in doing the fun things?
  • What if your social network was all made up of people from work?
  • What if you wanted to work but you did not like your current job?
  • What if you wanted to travel but had no money to go anywhere?
  • What if you reached retirement age and you had neglected your health?
  • and more what if’s?

Why don’t Boomers/people over 50 make plans? Because they haven’t investigated what is available, they don’t know what to they want, they want to be open to exploration, etc. Sometimes we don’t have the skills or knowledge to incorporate risk management into our lives let alone our daily activities. This type of management and goal setting can become easier each time you practice. In today’s world it is important to develop a flexible plan for your retirement age and beyond.

Things to plan for are:

  • the life style you want and will enjoy
  • how you will take care of your health, your family/pets health
  • how to maintain a social network outside of work
  • how to continue working/ volunteering, or whatever brings you enjoy doing
  • how to stay in touch with your spirituality
  • and more

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