Retirement Age What if’s

What if you reached retirement age and didn’t have any plans at all? What would you do? Many Baby Boomers and people over 50 are finding themselves in that situation, no plans. It is like going on vacation without an itinerary and no map. Sometimes you may end up in a desirable place but many times you get lost and find yourself in some type of crisis.

  • What if you if you reach retirement age and your family made their own plans that did not include you, especially in doing the fun things?
  • What if your social network was all made up of people from work?
  • What if you wanted to work but you did not like your current job?
  • What if you wanted to travel but had no money to go anywhere?
  • What if you reached retirement age and you had neglected your health?
  • and more what if’s?

Why don’t Boomers/people over 50 make plans? Because they haven’t investigated what is available, they don’t know what to they want, they want to be open to exploration, etc. Sometimes we don’t have the skills or knowledge to incorporate risk management into our lives let alone our daily activities. This type of management and goal setting can become easier each time you practice. In today’s world it is important to develop a flexible plan for your retirement age and beyond.

Things to plan for are:

  • the life style you want and will enjoy
  • how you will take care of your health, your family/pets health
  • how to maintain a social network outside of work
  • how to continue working/ volunteering, or whatever brings you enjoy doing
  • how to stay in touch with your spirituality
  • and more

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