Is this like your relationships?

   While this is really funny, does it remind you of any of your relationships? I’ve heard many times about peope wanting their friends or relatives (especially if they are retired) to  help with kids and grandkids, running errands or helping in many and various other ways. Usually the person over 50 is usually glad to help.

Each time this happens it seems they are asked more, not necessarilly because they have the time but because they volunteered to help. In many cases this is a useful relationship tool to let the people involved know they can count on each other. Sometimes people take advantage of the situation. They assume that those over 50 or even those who work from home will be available when they need something or want to do something.

Although this example is an extreme example, it shows what could happen if the person who is retired, working from home, etc. develops other interests or even just sets boundaries in their life.

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Jo Caywood

PS. If you are involved with dog agility, remember to pay a little attention to your current friends and family.