Baby boomers, whether you are looking at retiring from a job, interested in staying where you are or trying a new type of work, these profiles will give you a baseline for understanding yourself and others. They also provide a framework of understanding for the question of what do I need to work on and what do I do next? 

The profiles are administered online and a report is sent to you afterward. Many people choose to have the advantage of reviewing the findings with Coach Jo. The review enables you to get a more accurate interpretation of the findings in the profile. If you are interested in Coach Jo sharing her expert knowledge regarding the interpretations of the profile, how you can experience the greatest benefits from them, and to inquire about the additional fee for this service, please send an email to : 

Along with a wide range of self-assessments, we offer everything coaches and trainers need to administer these profiles and/or programs. If you have further question, please contact me.

Note:  All assessments are taken online. You will not receive physical merchandise. Orders placed Monday – Thursday will be processed within 24 hours. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or on U.S. holidays will be processed on the following business day. Access codes for online profiles are e-mailed during regular business hours.

The LifeOptions Program has four components: 

  1. The Assessment: The LifeOptions Profile.
  2. The Companion Book: What Color is Your Retirement? 
  3. Lifestyle Insight & Involvement Exercises
  4. Powerful questions for specific goal setting and “next steps” 

The LifeOptions Profile 
is a 99-item educational assessment instrument that covers 20 separate lifestyle and attitudinal factors that are arranged into six sub-sections or what are called “life arenas.” The Profile is taken over the internet and generates a 10 page personal document that gives short descriptions of each of the 20 factors that are applicable to that participant.

The purpose of the LifeOptions profile is to give the participant a clear, well-ordered, and scaled overview of how he/she compares to others in a similar life circumstance regarding their personal growth toward the life transition we call retirement. 
And, a one-hour interpretation session with Jo Caywood, who will provide further enlightenment and direction while discussing your LOP Report, is included.  

$109.00 without the interpretation, Item No. LOP-1, $109.00.

$149.00 with the interpretation, Item No. LOP-2, $149.00.

The Retirement Success Profile©

The Retirement Success Profile (RSP) is a scientifically created assessment tool that identifies personal strengths and concerns for those currently retired or those over 50 considering retirement. We believe that the best retirement decisions emerge from the most accurate and most personal information possible.  

The RSP was developed and improved over the past 20 years by Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D. The RSP offers you the most comprehensive and personal retirement data possible, and it’s found no where else but from the Retirement Success Profile.

15 Factors for Retirement Success

  • Work reorientation
  • Attitude toward retirement
  • Directedness
  • Health perception
  • Financial security
  • Current life satisfaction
  • Projected life satisfaction
  • Life meaning
  • Leisure interests
  • Adaptability
  • Life stage satisfaction
  • Dependents
  • Family/relationship issues
  • Perception of age
  • Replacement of work functions

Cost of Service 
Order your report now, and begin to analyze the results and work towards achieving your optimal retirement!  The following items are included:

  • Complete an easy-to-take, on-line RSP.
  • Receive a 20+ page RSP Personalized Interpretive Report, sent to you via Email.
  • And, a one-hour interpretation session with Jo Caywood, who will provide further enlightenment and direction while discussing your RSP Report.

$99.00 without the interpretation, Item No. RSP-1, $99.00.

$139.95 for one person with interpretation session, Item No. RSP-2, $139.95.

$249.95 for a couple with interpretation session, Item No. RSP-3, $249.95.

Or, if you have some questions related to the RSP, please contact Jo Caywood directly by phone (478) 477-0771, or send email

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