Re-creating yourself 2016

Take a look at yourself. How many way have you re-created yourself today?

Some would say you haven’t re-created yourself and some would make a full page list of different ways. Each day we all re-create ourselves to fit into our environments, physical, social, financial, etc. Sometimes it is based on keeping the appearance of staying the same. At other times we re-create ourselves in different ways such as with our appearance, our physical environment, health, our financial situation,etc.

Currently I am in the process of re-creating several things in my life. For me it is not always easy to focus on just one thing when it seems like so many things need re-creating. Many times I can see the larger picture but when trying to break it down to smaller actions they all seem just as important and finding a starting place is a challenging. Although research helps, it also helps to pick an action as a starting place then evaluate to see if changes are necessary.                                                                             Researching helps